About Me

You can call me Ontel [an alias name that was given by my university friends]. I am an Indonesian housewife, who is married by Frenchman, and a mother of one sweet boy.

The words Halo and Bonjour, represent two different words [Bahasa Indonesia and French] that actually have the same meaning as “hello” in English. These words have been chosen for this blog because [hopefully] they can represent life between two different worlds – Indonesia and France.

This blog mostly will be written in Bahasa Indonesia. But I’ll try to write in English and French too [it depends on my mood haha], even though my English grammar and French conjugation are still have to be improved – I will try. So I hope that you will understand if I will make mistakes in my English and [more in] French. Please bear with me, because I’m still learning here.

Anyway, enjoy your reading, and thank you for visiting Halo&Bonjour. Take your time if you want to, and please leave your fingers print if you don’t mind.


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