Mer de Glace

Well, well, well…
This is what I can tell you :

Mont Blanc is MAGNIFICENT.

Monsieur and I had an extraordinary experience to see the famous Mont Blanc in Chamonix for the first time. We’d never thought that it would be soooo great.

We had to go to L’AIGUILLE DU MIDI by cable car to reach out [almost] the top. When we’re finally able to get close to 3842 m altitude of mountain, it’s very stunning!. We [or actually it was me!] were like “Oh my God…oh my God…how beautiful it is…!. We felt like the nature’s big and we’re so small.

We also took a red train from Chemin de Fer du Montenvers to go to MER DE GLACE [frozen sea]. Besides a beautiful frozen sea view, there’s a sort of glacier cave exposition underneath this frozen sea. We took a look, and got a little bit disappointed. So if you don’t want to see it, you won’t miss anything. I don’t recommend to go down there [the cave] if you have baby or toddler because it might be difficult to them to climb the stairs [approximately 400 stairs!] unless if you want to carry them.


• You need an access card to enter the tourisme spot in Chamonix. There’re various kinds of access card [with various ranges of price too!.], better do a research first from chamonix tourisme website before you buy it. We bought Mont Blanc unlimited pass [63,50€/person] to get all access in Chamonix tourist spots for one day. You can buy it online maximum two days before the day, or you can find an automatic counter in front of cable car center.

• Aiguille du Midi is not allowed for less than 5 years old children.

• We prefer to go in winter time to see all the areas of Mont Blanc covered by snow. But if you want to go in summer time it will be nice too, although you won’t get snow as much as in winter [less attractive for us].

• Check the weather!. It’s important because if the weather is not a good one, you will not get a good visibility of Mont Blanc [especially in raining and cloudy day]. Sunshine is always the best thing!.



Reserve Africaine Sigean, it’s a big park for animals [300 hectares surface] divided into two areas. First area is a drive through area, in this area you can see the animals such as bears, lions, and rhinoceros live in nature – cage free, from your car. You have to drive slowly [10 kph/6 mph], because occasionally some animals will be on your way and blocking the passage. You don’t want to crash them. Just be patient, and enjoy it.

Second area is the one that can be visited on foot. You can walk and see the animals live in their habitat, separated by the walls or ropes as their barriers to protect visitors from accident a cause the animals and vice versa.

I had a high expectation about this park, and finally it’s way too far from what I already imagined. For 32 euros entry fee [which is quite expensive for me], I feel this park has lack of interesting activities for the visitors, especially for children. Yes, they have a goat parc who can be entered, free of charge. But that’s it, I’ve seen better.

I think they have to start thinking about attracting young visitors by giving them some real activities, so they can feel attached by those animals. I can tell you that I don’t have a special attachment to this place. It’s too bad. So nope, Monsieur and I decided not to come back again.


• it’s better to visit this park in morning time, especially in summer time [when it gets too hot the animals prefer to stay in the shade so it will be difficult to you to see them].

• if at first drive you can’t see them try to come back later, BE PATIENT!. You have to be patient and keep your eyes wide open to spot them.

• if you are with kids, take your time to walk and see the animals. It’s a big park, make a break between your walk because your kids will be exhausted.

• bring your camera with a good TELE LENS if you want to take pictures, other wise you’ll get nothing because we can’t get too close to the animals.

• don’t forget to clean your car’s windows because you can’t open them to take pictures. So if your windows are clean it will be easier for you to take pictures from inside of your car.


Reserve Africaine Sigean

Address : RD 6009 – 19, chemin Hameau du lac. 11130 SIGEAN – FRANCE

Open everyday at 9.00 am or 8.30 am in June, July and August. The ticket box is closed at 6.00 pm but the park is closed at 7.00 pm.

Entry Fee for adult is 32 €, children [4 -14 yo] is 23 €, and for disabled person is 13,5 €. You can book your ticket by their website.


At first I wanted to post my spring days with bunches of blossom pictures, but finally I decided to take you back to this beautiful and magical place Carcassonne Medieval Site. 

It’s spring time – a sunny, warm weather. A very good time to take a little walk, I’m showing you the other side of this place. 

Maybe these pictures above don’t give you any special sensation, that’s why I suggest you visiting this place to feel its magic in real. I’m sure that you’ll be enchanted by this place, and makes you want to come back again. 

Part one click here.


Oh my it’s been a while since my last post. So first of all, I’d like to say a very happy new year to you [yes I know it’s late, my bad]. How’s your new year so far?. 

Anyway, our winter has been so much fun than ever!. 

As we live in a city which has [almost] 0 probability of snowing, so we’re becoming a snow hunter at this moment haha. Yup. It’s true. No joke. Really. 

It’s really fun though. Looking for a [not too far from our city] snowing place, driving, walking, finding and admiring the snow. 

Nature gives us so many beauties out there. I really appreciate and feel so grateful about it. And yes, we’re going to do this snow hunting thingy until the end of winter. Seriously. It’s funnnnn. 

More pictures please click here.


These are photos from last weekend. 

We spent our time at Roscoff, Pleyben, and St. Pol De Leon – Finistère, Bretagne. Some people said living in Bretagne is not very interesting, why?. It’s because of the weather. They said the sun shines not more than 3 months in a year. Mostly will be cloudy and rainy days. So it’s a sadness.

O’well, may be this region doesn’t have a friendly weather as they said. But this region has so many beautiful places to be visited!. Beautiful typical breton’s home architectures, churches, castles, and crêperies are everywhere!. You must try their speciality crepes, it’s so delicious and different. They also have their own famous local soft drink, it’s called Breizh Cola and we love it!.

So if you want to visit Bretagne, please don’t be bothered with the weather. Because you will always find a lot of beauties in there. Just enjoy it!.

Just click here for more pictures.


Annecy, one of the most beautiful city in Haute Savoie area. It’s been known by its old town and lake. And yes, I love this city so so much. We arrived there around 8 am [it’s very very early]. The restaurants and shops were not open yet, and of course not so many tourists too!. Tant mieux!.

We strolled along the old town until the lake of Annecy. I enjoyed every single time that we spent. Too much huh?. 

At the end of our visit, we wanted to rent a boat to explore the lake, but unfortunately they were not available yet – we came too earlyyyy remember??. Not sure at what time they’re available though. Nevermind, because we’ll be back!. Yihaaa!.