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Yesterday we went to Nordique area of Capcirto do our very first time skiing [well, not for Monsieur actually]. It took one hour and forty five minutes by car from our city to the ski station.

There’re a lot of ski areas in Capcir. We chose to go to Domaine de La Llosse – ClaveraBased on what we read, this is the best place for skiing in family, not a big one – so it’s a good place to learn for the first timer like me.

We rented ski equipments 14 € each for Monsieur and I. We also paid 10,50 € each for the ski resort – all day long entry pass [they open from 9am – 5pm].

Ski was fun. I did it for three hours. I fell a lot. I laughed but actually I was scared. I was so slow – always meters away behind Monsieur who took petit monsieur with him. He kept saying : “C’mon don’t be scared it’s just the snow. You won’t be hurt if you fall. Don’t be stress. It’s not fun if you don’t fall at the first time. C’mon!”.

I pushed my sticks, I got faster, but I didn’t know how to stop it. Monsieur was far away from me, he couldn’t hear me when I asked him how to slow it down. So I dropped myself down, and taadaaa booommm I had the snow all over my face haha. One couple laughed at me when they saw me fell down like that. I laughed back at them and I didn’t feel ashamed at all.

We really had a great day but still it’s not enough haha.



It’s a very good weather today, 17 celcius degrees and the sun was shining. That’s why we were outside this afternoon to stroll along the beach and harbor in town.

Talking about this small harbor, I can tell you this is my most favorite place in town. Those fishermen’s house, they painted them in catchy colors – very attractive. Oh and I don’t mind waiting for a beautiful sunset in this place and capture it with my camera or [mostly] cell phone. Not to forget, the fishermen sell the fresh fishes in the morning, cheaper price of course.

Hope you have a great day like us here!. 










Collioure is one of the most visited place in Pyrénées Oriental departement. It’s a very interesting place, a castle and an old church surrounded by the ocean. 

It’s a very nice place to go with your family or just you alone. Attention in summer day, you may get trouble with the parking, because it’s always full with the visitors. 



We went to these cities because we never visited them and I wanted to try my new camera PENTAX Q-S1 at the same time.

Talking about the camera, It’s a hybrid one, and I wanted it so long [thank you hubby buahaha, and Amazon for the christmas sale!.]. Although the reviews are not really good, but I am not so fussy. This camera has what I need as a camera hybrid beginner user. I am not a professional one – taking pictures is just a hobby, so I don’t need any specific features. Other than that, I like its vintage style, and it’s very light. I still have to learn and explore it to get a good result though.

The pictures above are already edited. You can see the original version – straight from my camera on flickr.



Just some pictures from our promenade last Saturday. 

New year is coming very very soon.

I don’t think that I have any [specific] resolution next year. Well, I do have something that I want to achieve for next year. But, I’m just going to let it flow. 

I will try my best to get what I want – in a realistic way. I’m not going to be stressed by that. I just want to enjoy and be happy with whatever kind of life that I will have next year – nothing can let me down!. 






This morning at my breakfast time, I checked my Instagram and I got a notification from R Hotel Rancamaya’s account. A good one, and you know whatttt??, I won a photo contest!. Ahaha.

I am so H A P P Y!.

Actually I did it just for fun, I never thought that I’d win it. Thank you R Hotel at Rancamaya – Bogor.


We were there in July. It’s our first time to spend our holiday there, and since then Monsieur always asked me to come back to this hotel. Yes it’s been his favorite hotel in Indonesia so far.





We chose this hotel because it’s so close to the nature, a spacious room with beautiful view, and [my favorite] super classy bathroom.




For us, the most important thing when we’re choosing the hotel is the facility that they have for the kids. Because it’s important to petit monsieur to play and have fun too!.



Fortunately, besides the swimming pool for the kids, this hotel has a kids club which is very-very interesting place. When we were there petit monsieur didn’t want to go back to our room and wanted to stay there all day long!. The kids club at R hotel has a lot of toys to play with, cinema room, and kids’ activities. The tutors are very kind and friendly to the kids. You can also leave your kids and let the tutors take care of them. Believe me it’s very helpful when you want to have your [short] time alone without the kids during your holiday. And so far I haven’t found the other hotels with who have kind of facility. We did it. We left petit monsieur at the kids club with the tutors and the other kids, and did our fitness at the hotel’s gym.


Overall, this hotel is a great escape place for your family. They have a great service and delicious meals at the Pavilion restaurant [their three pannacotta dessert is a delish!]. Their room service is quite fast.




The only problem is when you don’t have a car it’s very difficult to get there. Because the taxi from Jakarta can’t enter this city – Bogor. I don’t know why, I still can’t understand until today. So, I suggest it’s better to rent a car or ask someone to drive you there.

R Hotel Rancamaya.

Address : Jalan Raya Rancamaya Utama, Rancamaya. Bogor Selatan, 16720. Indonesia.

Call : +62251 8248899




Bagian pertama klik di sini

Tadi siang iseng-iseng kami balik lagi ke desa ajaib ini karena saya udah dari minggu kemarin pingin makan churros Nutella.

Baru bisa kesampean hari ini soalnya minggu kemarin si petit monsieur sakit. Karena itulah minggu kemarin lumayan bikin kami stres dan gak bisa ke mana-mana. 


Tadi juga gak direncanakan mau ke sini lagi. Tapi karena saya lagi bosan banget di rumah, jadilah kami ke desa ajaib ini lagi. Cuma buat makan churros aja sih. Males juga lama-lama di sana. Pengunjungnya sudah mulai ramai, dan tentu saja parkiran juga sudah mulai penuh, maklum sudah masuk liburan sekolah jadi yaa wajarlah.